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$1199 Door Only from $1585 Installed
Custom Made window / door units + optional upgrade pet doors (extra $$)

We replace your existing sliding glass patio door, french doors or windows. We remove and replace with a new unit built to your specifications and decor.

Example: both doors swing in - both doors swing out - either door can be operating - a complete door unit with Dog Mate pet door.​
When Others Say It Can't Be Done . . . We Get It Done and We Get It Right
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C. Meadners, Krugerville, TX

For years we have wanted to replace our out dated sliding patio doors because of the pet door insert that never seal completely and was always a security risk. The door unit that Doors 4Pets installed was a complete fit and the energy we are saving will pay for the french doors in a matter of months and not years.

S. Walker, Lewisville, TX

We had Doors 4Pets to completely remove a single door and window so we could have french doors installed.They did a great job and a complete turn key job that included the saw cutting, masonry and electrical work. Very professional workmanship and they finished on time without additional cost.

Susan, Colleyville, TX

Before we closed on our new home we contacted Doors 4Pets give their professional reconmendation for our pet to have access to come and go. They gave us a quote and 6 months later they install our french doors with the pet door. We love the look and the mini blinds in the window and the weather-proof pet door.