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Featuring our exclusive Pet Panel in the Sorm Door. Standard door sizes are 32X80 and 36X80 in your choice of pre-finshed colors. Here's what you get,

1. Choice of pre-finished colors Almond - Bronze - White  2. Choice of door Handles Black - Brass - Nickel  3. Choice of Dog Mate pet door sizes Sm-Med-Large

4. Door closure, screws, attachments and matching door frame for a complete storm door installation system.

Shannon O'Malley, Dallas, TX

I am thrilled to find your company. I just bought a new home last week and it does not have a sliding glass door, so my dog, who has always had a pet door available to her, is a bit confused (and frankly annoying - she refuses to go outside if I don't stand out there with her for fear of being locked out of the house). My old house had a sliding glass door so I was able to use the panel dog door.

My new door is almost all glass, so I can't put in a dog door myself. I've been searching for replacement doors with windows up top, but they all seem to have panels and only come pre-framed. I am desperate to get a dog door in, so I was excited yesterday when I learned about your company at the Dog Bowl (the invisible fence booth).

S & V Lamb, Colleyville, TX

Thank you for coming out to resize the the pet door in one of our storm doors since we have adopted a new pet family member. By the way we love our 8ft storm doors and have been pleased with the work you guys have done over the past five years at all three homes.

Kim L, The Colony, TX 75056

After the last 3 years of foster basset hounds, I think I am ready to give in and get a pet door. From your site, I like the SPD500 storm door. It would replace a similar door in our house. What are my next steps?

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