Special 8ft Size exterior metal prime finish door with a dual pane  clear window and basic pet door.

Note: Upgrade your pet door.

Buy it online and have it shipped to us to install / at the right shoulder height for your dog.

Call today and we will help you with the correct pet door selection and where to buy.

Model XPD9500 Series 8 ft Tall

Handle Side / from Inside house
Door Model
Door Size
Dog Mate Pet Door Size

    Here is our POLICY to PROCEED >>>> Step by Step

    1. You will receive a quote. Click Quote above for Online Price Form. Or skip to #2.

    2. Schedule a Free Phone Consultation to discuss final details, door specifications and price.

    3. Upon acceptance, we will take your payment.         

    Payment can be made by calling us or from invoice through PayPal or Quickbooks.

    4. After payment is received, we will forward the Fabrication Drawing for your final review of measurements and approval.        

    Once we start the fabrication layout and material procurement of products there is "no cancellation, return. restocking policies" by Doors 4 Pets and People.

    5. Your Custom Built door unit will be completed in approximately 2 -3 weeks.

    6. During that time frame we will contact you to confirm: Customer Pickup, Shipping and / or Installation dates.


    Thank you for the opportunity to provide a Pet Door Solution for you and your pet family.

                        "a proven process . . . that works for you!

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