Standard Door Sizes:

31-3/4 x 79-1/4 x 1-3/4

35-3/4 x 79-1/4 x 1-3/4


Model Specifications:

Insulated Fire Rated Exterior Metal Residential door

by Masonite building products or Simpson Doors.

All Doors are Primed Finish only. WE DO NOT PAINT 

Dual Pane insulated Windows by ODL window. 

Basic Pet Door (included) -

Dog Mate Brand __ Small - Medium - Large


We Place the Right pet door at the Right shoulder height


MODELS: 1/2-Half Lite 2236 Window Style

XPD101 - 1Lite All Glass

XPD109 -  9Lite Divider Pane


MODELS:  3/4-Three Quarter 2248 Window Style

XPD7501 - 1 Lite All Glass

XPD7512 - 12Lite Divider Pane:


MODELS:  1-Full View 2264 Window Style

XPD1010 - Full View High Rise

XPD1010 - Full View Low Rise

Standard Size Only

$745 Installed+tax & trip

$775 Installed +tax & trip

$837 Installed +tax & trip

Ready In 3 Weeks for Pick UP or Install
8 ft Tall Exterior Doors  Now Available!

XPD9500 - 1Lite & Divider Pane / XPD9504 Mini Blinds

Before You Buy

you need to ...

Simply Mark ___ don't measure

Grid Style

On Sale!

online Only

Our doors are Replacement entry doors (no frame). Due to the fact "there is No Industry Standard" for  placement of Handles and Deadbolt. You must supply the measurements or purchase the Door Marker Kit.