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Your Pet Door Solution - Includes
1. Door Model (XPD104, XPD7501, etc.)
2. Door Size (31 3/4"x 79 1/4", 35 3/4"x 79 1/4".)
3. Dog Mate Pet Door Size
4. Prep for Door Handle/Hinge 
5. Choice of Steel or Fiberglass Door
6. Choice of Door Replacement or Pre-hung

Not sure how to measure here's

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We Make Custom Easy ...
XPD9501 _ $740 One Lite
8 ft Tall - 3296 Exterior Metal Door
with 3/4 window and large pet door option.
XPD9500-Special Order
8 ft Tall - 3296 Exterior Metal Door
with designer glass and large pet door option.
XPD9504 _ $880 Mini Blinds
8 ft Tall - 3296 Exterior Metal Door
with blinds raised and small pet door option.
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Door Prep Details

Nationwide Shipping . . . $362 most cities

Includes: Custom Wooden Crate,

Shipping & Liftgate Unloading at Home



$$ PRICES here

Sept. 2018

Once we received our door we installed it in a little over an hour.

Doors 4 Pets did a great job and had the holes for the handle just where we needed. We saved over $300 dollars not hiring a contractor.

JJ Miller, Merritt Island, FL 32952

Oct. 2018

After shopping around and listening to the excuses from the big box stores, we finally went with someone that knew what they "DO".

L Jenkins, Placerville, CA 95667

Nov. 2018

Installed the door a couple of weeks ago and working great.  The fit was perfect and the quality excellent.  Very pleased with the result.  Thanks for all your time and expertise in selecting the proper door for our dog.

Bob Field, Golden, CO 80401

Oct. 2018

Ordering something so large and expensive online is a little scary.

Doors 4 Pets did an awesome job the way they crate the door. It got here in perfect condition. 

S Reisigner, Maineville, OH 45039