The only Do-It-Yourself Insert that installs in Minutes / NO Cutting​​ Required
A Simple - Smart - Solution
from $645
DoorGlass 4Pets 2264-PS
DoorGlass 4Pets 2264-PS

DoorGlass 4Pets Screws
DoorGlass 4Pets Screws

At the Door_edited
At the Door_edited

DoorGlass 4Pets 2264-PS
DoorGlass 4Pets 2264-PS

One Size Only - 22x64 Glass / 24x66 Frame / Ready for Pickup - in Two Weeks
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   2 type of Pet Door Flaps available
Hard Rigid Single Flap
by Dog Mate
                                                       Flexible Dual Flap
                                                       by Hale Pet Doors
Model 2264 IG DM LG
Model 2264 IG HALE LG
Frame dimensions +/- 23 3/4" x 65 3/4" x 2"  Weight 45 lbs

REG. $699 - Large size 11 3/4" x 14" by Dog Mate
         - Model 2264 DM LG
REG. $989 - Large size 11"x 16" by Hale
         - Model 2264 HALE LG

  •  Measure the outside to outside of the vinyl trim around your glass. Left to Right and Top to Bottom

  •  Note: Your measurements will be under the size we state on our web page. But not less than a 1/4".

  •  ​At this time we do not carry any other sizes or other brand pet doors.