Non Traditional Solutions in the Glass, through the Wall & more 

The ONLY Do-It-Yourself Insert 

that installs in Minutes / NO Cutting Required

from $425 pickup ready
$660 shipping nationwide
A Simple - Smart - Solution
Thru - Brick - Wall
from $675
This is a 4-7 hour job that requires skilled, professional workmanship.
We Get It Done and We Get It Right!
  • ​We start with a complete evaluation of the proposed location you would like to have your new thru-wall pet door.

  • We proceed from the inside by cutting the sheet rock wall. This allows us to locate any unforeseen items within the wall, such as stud framing, electrical wiring, gas piping, etc. that will need to be removed or re-routed.

  •  From the outside, we professionally saw cut the brick  wall to the correct pet door tunnel size. 

  •  Once we have removed all debris and thrash we are  ready to install the heavy duty metal tunnel with the  internal pet door unit.

  •  ​Lastly, we install the outside pet door panel, attach seal  and insulate the new pet door system.