Our Custom Pet - Ready Door Products

Engineered to fit your existing door frame. Custom built with the right size pet door at the right pet height that you approve.

Not a One Size

Fits All ...

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1/2 Window Series
3/4 Window Series
3/4 Lite XPD7500 Series
- has the 22x48 Lite Window that stops below the door handle. Select your style window from: All Glass - 12 Divider Lite - Blinds Between Glass. Replaces and save your existing door. Optional door sizes, window styles and pet door brands.
8ft Door Series
French Double Door Units
Custom Made and Built to Your Specification. Our **basic design & engineered model allows the doors to swing in or swing out. Your options are only limited to the size of your opening. CALL US!
Full In-Glass Window Series
Storm Doors 4 Pets
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Replace Your Glass

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Do - It - Yourself / In Minutes

A Simple - Smart - Solution
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Size Chart

Door         Flap Opening

small              7" x 7" 

medium         8 3/4" x 10 1/4"

large             11 3/4" x 14 1/4"

Our Basic Pet Door Brand <> Our Basic Pet Door Brand <> Our Basic Pet Door Brand <> Our Basic


High Quality  -  High Performance - Energy Saving
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a proven process . . . that works for you!

Our WHY . . . "let's get it done & let's get it Right

Cassondra Hall   __   Roswell, GA 30076

I wanted to give you an update. I received the order and we could not have been more impressed. My husband and I have installed a ton of doors during a remodel and getting the cutouts right when you have the old door is hard enough. The fact we could send the dimensions and get a door that was spot on is amazing. I am a huge fan and will recommend you to any and everyone. Please feel free to use this as an endorsement. The workmanship is top class. Most importantly, our fur babies are very happy.  May 2019

Warehouse / Fabrication Plant

We layout, design and engineer your order to the specifications and submit to you a,

Detail Fabrication Drawing for Approval

We do not

build a one size

fit all door. We will 

Get It Done and


Before we start we get you engaged in the process


We Ship Nationwide

Call us for a quote to ship and deliver your new door.


In 1999, we purchased our
puppy, golden retriever named Jasmine.
As she began to grow, we looked around
at pet stores and home improvement centers
for options to provide her outdoor access.
Much to our dismay, there were only a few options available. We chose a storm door and installed our own pet door. Upon installation we discovered we were limited to the height of the pet door placement under the glass / window. As a consequence the pet door was to low and over the years  Jasmine battled with hip dyspasia and later cancer before she died.
In 2003, we became dedicated and committed to develop and market unique products that would be sensitive to the needs of homeowners and their pets. Utilizing our background in engineering and construction and love for pets, we set our mission around our two PET P's:
Provide Pet Door . . .
  1. Products to give your pet access to come and go, at the Right Shoulder Height and Size.
  2. Products that will not depreciate the value of your home, but will give you options should you move later.
In 2004, we launched our first pet product web site 
www. Storm Doors 4Pets.com
Over the years we have listen to our customers and more importantly we continue to learn from our customers.
Today, we have that unique pet product line and we are ready to serve a growing industry and expanding pet community like yours.
Lucy, Vice President and Greeter 



Online Orders - Phone Consultation Booking

Love goes the distance

Your dog doesn't care if you are rich or poor,

young or old, big or small.


He doesn't care if you're not sharp, not popular, not a good joke-teller, not the best athlete, nor the best-looking person.


​To your Dog .  .  . 

You are the Greatest, the Smartest,

the Nicest Human Being who was ever Born.


You Are His Best Friend and He Loves You!




Here is our POLICY to PROCEED >>>> Step by Step

1. You will receive a quote. Click Quote above for Online Price Form. Or skip to #2.

2. Schedule a Free Phone Consultation to discuss final details, door specifications and price.

3. Upon acceptance, we will take your payment.         

Payment can be made by calling us or from invoice through PayPal or Quickbooks.

4. After payment is received, we will forward the Fabrication Drawing for your final review of measurements and approval.        

Once we start the fabrication layout and material procurement of products there is "no cancellation, return. restocking policies" by Doors 4 Pets and People.

5. Your Custom Built door unit will be completed in approximately 2 -3 weeks.

6. During that time frame we will contact you to confirm: Customer Pickup, Shipping and / or Installation dates.


Thank you for the opportunity to provide a Pet Door Solution for you and your pet family.

                    "a proven process . . . that works for you!

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